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Concerned about the lack of a high performing tools for managing multiple properties, mortgages, tenants, and so on, HomeKasa decided to take the first step and build such platform. After testing the feasibilty with a first version, it was time to invest in a better experience for their product.


UI Process

The main focus when designing the interfaces was to reduce anxiety from users, creating clear and easy to recognize patterns, re-usable components and having a fresh/modern space to work in.


One thing at a time

We started re-thinking the way users navigate the different features and properties, providing them with small pieces of content at a time. Based on the same concept, we also redesign the onboarding flow.



Some of the interactions where made with dialog boxes, like adding new expenses, or adding house pictures, not to drive users too far from what they were doing initialy.



These are some of the components I created for the design system.

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