Soy Benja.
Diseñador UX/UI
Especialista en Producto
Fundador de Migu

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Migu es una startup que busca conectar tutores de mascotas con veterinarios, dándoles una plataforma común para encontrarse y gestionar las consultas médicas de forma más simple y eficiente.


Lasso MD

Lasso MD is a Startup that specializes in providing online marketing solutions for high growth dental practices. I join the team in an effort to design a north-star vision for their Lead Management Software.



Atech Logistics, Inc. is a third-party logistics (3PL) company that provides fully-customized dedicated transportation solutions for businesses all across the United States.


Exploring Spatial Design and Vision OS

The goal of this project was to learn more about Vision OS and develope a workflow for prototyping XR experiences that reimaging how we interact with products and services.



Digital telecom Startup that offers different APIs for voice, video, and messaging. Using this technology, it also provide a range of products, three of which I worked on: a virtual office, a customizable and embeddable video call room, and a visual tool for creating communication applications without code.

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