Clarification: Due to NDA I'm not able to show many project visuals for the time being



By the time I joined Pickmeup, it was a relatively small Startup with around 20 employees that had recently launched a local ride-hailing app and was looking to expand its offerings and improve its UI/UX. As the lead UX/UI designer, I worked with a team of 3 other designers and 3 devs.

My experience

Although I did not have a lot of input from our end users through the design process, me and my team tried to compensate with extensive benchmarking and internal testing to ensure that the app made sense, that it was easy to use, looked clean, and tasks were achievable with less friction possible
My job was to overhaul the existing app by modernizing its UI and improving user flows. I also oversaw the team's tasks and created design systems and components that ensured consistency among designers and the different verticals of the app.

One of the challenges of this project was consistency, both in the UI and the product itself. My focus was to design a seamless experience between the different verticals of the app and connect global features like payments, promotions, and profiles.



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