Sembl for IOs


Buying a home made simple

A great oportunity can easily become a nightmare when we are talking about purchasing a new home. Lots of parties involved, lawyers, sales-managers, landlords, tons of paperwork. Sembl brings together all of it into a friendly platform that keeps you updated and in sync with everyone.


Who is doing what?

Sembl keeps everyone on track, features for creating and assinging tasks provide help and order to this process. All parties can keep themselves updated and share responsabilities.


All the paperwork in one place

Users can easily get lost between contracts, house pictures, etc. That's why getting them together in one place was an important feature of the app, where they can be in sync with the lastest files and share them with the rest of the team.


Communication is key

For a process to be completed successfully is essential for all parties to keep in touch, be informed and able to conect with each other. One-on-one chats or groups are one of the many features of sembl.



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